Do you the difference between a MOBILE-FRIENDLY website and a MOBILE-RESPONSIVE website???

If you’re a business owner with a website, this is information you need to understand. Google announced in January that sites are accessed more from mobile-devices like smartphones and tablets. If your site is more than 2 years old, it was likely designed to be viewed on a desktop computer or laptop only. Many business owners are building separate mobile-versions of their site to help adapt to this change in the industry. But is that enough? The answer is NO.

A mobile website is a copy of your website designed to be read on tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices. This means that you will need a separate domain name; many sites will use the format If you can use pinch-to-zoom feature you likely have a MOBILE-WEBSITE.

If your site is responsive, the device will display the site correctly depending on the dimensions of the mobile device. It remains fluid and will adjust to any device or screen resolution.

Google and other search engines favor responsive sites. Google made the announcement in April of this year that whether your site is responsive WILL affect SEO! Simply said, your search engine position will be lower if your site is not responsive.

Mobile Responsive

Many businesses unfortunately believe a separate mobile-site will solve their problems but this, however, is not true. Although, you may have created a better user-experience for your customers, you have done nothing to help your SEO (Search Engine-Optimization). Google does not recognize mobile versions of your site. Not sure if your site is mobile-friendly or mobile-responsive or mobile-anything? Contact Tsunami Web Design @ 570.817.5151 and receive a FREE CONSULTATION. We are happy to give you some direction and explain your options.

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