Why start now?

Why Digital Marketing for Your Business Now?

What’s the Rush?

The online marketplace is constantly evolving; what was once more like stand-alone websites has increasingly become an interconnected whole. The online experience is now truly a “social web,” and social media and search engine optimization go hand in hand. A number of changes have happened just since fall of 2010. Facebook and Bing have partnered, with social data now integrated into Bing search results. Google has also been incorporating social media, and has changed how local business search results are displayed, now featuring online reviews as part of page one ranking.

And the changes keep coming. In mid-February 2011, Google announced enhancements to Social Search that feature recommendations from people you know prominently in the search results, from web content they’ve created, via blogs, Twitter and YouTube and other sources.

These changes can dramatically affect how new customers find you, and ultimately, how often your phone rings.

You either go for the Google/Facebook ride or sit on the curb

  • Standalone websites, while an excellent start, are worth less and less without social media, search engine optimization, online listings with reviews and customer outreach.
  • Mobile computing is overtaking the desktop. The idea of firing up a browser on your desktop to type in a domain name and visit a self-contained website is increasingly archaic. Your website needs to be visible on a wide variety of mobile platforms.
  • The new approach is holistic. Gone are the days of turning the key on a website and walking away. Now there are multiple keys for multiple platforms that a business needs to turn on and tap into on a constant basis because it’s all changing too fast.

5 Steps to Digital Marketing Success

There is a five-step process to making sure your phone keeps ringing with new customers:

  1. A solid website with strong, compelling, interactive content.
  2. Social media building community on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & LinkedIn.
  3. Online listings with reviews that are positive, in multiple places and plentiful.
  4. Search engine optimization for both local search and organic search. Relevant content and optimization without games.
  5. Reaching out and educating your clients through blogs and e-newsletters helps make your business a credible source of information.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. You focus on your business, let us focus on your marketing. This is what we do best. Give us a call today.